Due to the current situation in Ukraine, we have temporarily suspended access to our partner lounges and travel experiences in Russia.

Payments and Receipts

What payment methods do you accept?

The following debit/credit cards will be accepted: Visa Mastercard American Express Diners Club

How do I settle outstanding fees on my account?

If you have registered your online account, you can check via our website as to whether you are able to update your card details online. You will be able to...

How do I get a receipt for my membership fee?

Please contact our Membership Services Team who can help.  Please note that we can only provide a receipt for Priority Pass membership fees to those who ha...

How do I get a receipt for a lounge visit?

Certain Members will be able to view and download your lounge visit receipts using the Priority Pass website 'My Visits' section.  If the lounge ...