Our Lounges

Can I use a lounge immediately after joining?

If you have a Digital Membership Card included then you sure can. As soon as you register your online account, it's activated. Check under 'Account&...

Where can I find Lounge locations ?

The most up to date lounge locations are on our Priority Pass App and website. Log in to see what other benefits you may be entitled to.

Can I take guests into a lounge?

Yes, you can take guests in with you to enjoy the lounge, but before you do just check if the lounge you are visiting has a guest limit by checking our Loun...

Why have I been refused access to a lounge?

We want to make sure members have a great experience but in some instances a lounge reaches capacity, especially at peak travel times or when there have bee...

Can I access a lounge without my membership card?

You will need to present your physical Digital Membership Card or eligible payment card when entering a lounge. 

What are paid extras?

Showers or day beds are available in some lounges and will incur an extra charge. Check our App or website for more information.

Can I take children into a lounge?

Many allow you to bring children, charged at the same rate as an adult. There are also some that allow children under a certain age to enter for free! You c...

If I'm flying from one Terminal and the lounge is in another, can I still access it?

This will depend on the security restrictions at the airport. Your Priority Pass won't allow you to pass through airport security to access a lounge.

Are the lounges actually run by Priority Pass?

No - we provide the access to our members and it's our wonderful lounge partners who run and manage the lounges.

How can I check if a lounge is open during Covid-19 travel restrictions?

Search for the lounge information on our Priority Pass App or on our website. Changes will be listed under 'Opening Hours'.