How do I update my payment card details?

Why am I being asked to update my payment card details?

We just need to validate the payment card we have linked to your membership account because new regulations have been brought in to protect card users. It w...

How do I update my payment card details?

Log in to you Priority Pass account. Click on the 'My Details' tab and scroll down to 'Billing details'. Enter your new payment card details...

What if I receive a new payment card?

You will need to update and validate your new card details each time you receive a new payment card.

My payment failed when I tried to join Priority Pass, what should I do?

Reach out to our Membership Services Team, they can try to process the payment over the phone. If this doesn't work, you may need to contact your bank.

I used my payment card to access lounges. Why was I prompted to complete a card authentication?

If you're using your payment card to enter, new regulations mean you may need to complete a two-factor authentication to protect card owners from fraud....

What if I don't have my phone to complete two-factor authentication from my payment card issuer?

You may be unable to use your Priority Pass until you can complete the security verification

Who do I contact if I am unable to access a lounge using my payment card?

Access with a payment card isn't available on all deals. We recommend using your Digital Membership Card as it is accepted by all Priority Pass lounges....