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  • Where can I find my membership information?

    If you have registered your online account with us, you will find your membership number, and your expiry date, on your Digital Membership Card. This information is also in the Account section on the App or on the My Priority Pass section via the website. Need some help logging in to your online account? See How do I log in to the mobile app or website?

  • How do I renew my Priority Pass membership?

    We'd be delighted to help you renew your membership. Just get in touch with our Membership Services Team and we will be happy to help.

  • Do I need to activate my membership card?

    You don't need to activate your card and can start using it as soon as you receive it. We do encourage you to activate your online account with us so that you can take advantage of all the benefits available on our digital platforms such as the Digital Membership Card, offers, discounts and lounge alternatives.  See: Why am I being asked to activate when I've already joined?

  • Can I take guests into a lounge?

    You can invite friends and family to join you in a lounge.  You need to be aware of these things: Most lounges will allow any number of guests, but some lounges may apply guest limits. It is advisable to check Lounge Information on our app or website before you travel  You will need to know if guests will be charged prior to arriving at the lounge. The lounge staff don’t hold this information  If you purchased your membership from us, your guest visits will be charged to your account at a fixed rate. If you have joined the programme through your bank/card issuer, then guest fees can vary – please contact them direct for fee information  Please ensure that the number of guests entered by the lounge operator are correct before entering lounge, as these details are used to process any applicable fees  Where guest fees are chargeable they will be charged to payment card linked to your membership

  • Can I use a lounge immediately after joining?

    Memberships which offer access to a Digital Membership Card (DMC) will give you immediate lounge access. Check your online account to see if you do - it's activated right away once you register your online account. This is a feature included in some memberships that are issued through your bank / card issuer or any other benefit provider. If you purchased your membership from us, you will have a Digital Membership Card.