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  • You don't need to activate your card but by activating your online account you'll see lots of benefits like offers, discounts and lounge alternatives. Register online to enjoy Priority Pass at your fingertips!

  • Just give our Membership Services Team a shout and they'll be more than happy to help you renew.

  • If your membership plan includes a Digital Membership Card, you’ll find it on the Priority Pass app under ‘Card’ or ‘My Priority Pass’ on the website.   For easy access, you can add your Digital Membership Card to your Apple Wallet or save it as an image.  If you don’t have a smart phone, you can either use your physical Priority Pass membership card or a printed out copy of your Digital Membership Card to use next time you’re accessing a lounge.

  • Sorry to hear you're thinking of leaving. Our Membership Services Team can help if you bought your membership from us. If you got it from another provider, like your bank, you'll need to contact them.

  • Yes, we encourage you to share the Priority Pass experience with your friends, family or business partners. Before doing so, we encourage you to check the Lounge Information under the lounge listing to verify whether the lounge you are visiting has a guest limit or whether you will be charged.  If you bought your membership directly from us, your guests' visits will be charged at a flat rate. If your membership is through another provider, such as your bank, the guest fee can vary. Contact your issuer to check.  Any guest fees will be charged to the payment card linked to your account.

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